Friday, January 21, 2011

Thursday's (01-20-11) Thankful/Grateful List

Today had some bumps in it. There are things that are becoming more clear as I have gotten older. And I promise I am going to really go in on what marriage should mean. But enough of that....on to today's list. 

  1. Today, I started the day completely silly. It made the day pretty interesting in a good way. Laughter is good for grown ups. 
  2. Today, I ran into someone who wants to help me do big things in the future. Don't worry boo, we'll have time to work that out.
  3. Tonight me and Patrice went to the basketball game and were back to our usual antics. It was a little weird not being in our normal seats but I was happy to be back after the Stanford game and the Kansas debacle. 
  4. Today I cranked out 3 blogs (including this one). That's pretty impressive. And I'm actually going to do another blog for the sole purpose of exposing foolishness I see in the streets. (That might be the name, I'm still working out the name and the details. With my luck, I'm sure I'll have tons of ammo)
  5. Today was another day that I wasn't a member of the DDS and/or the DMS. Dad called me and sounded completely unhappy but there wasn't anything that I could do about it. 
  6. ***BONUS*** Today I actually applied some of what JP talked about regarding sphere of influence. THAT was very encouraging. I didn't stress over things that I had no control over. That was a pretty good thing. And it felt good too. I put this as a bonus because it relates to #5
In my best Ice Cube voice, today was a good day. Thank you Lord. I know it didn't have to be so. 

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