Thursday, August 19, 2010

Analyzing My First Solo

So Sunday (7/25/2010), the unthinkable happened.

Here's the back story:
As many of you may know, I am in the choir at my church. I've been singing for like 15 years, more or less. While that may shock most of you, I maintain that it's nothing to be in the choir. I am an awesome choir member, but I am also nowhere close to being a soloist. I do not have that gift and I am okay to say that. Last week at rehearsal, the choir learned a new song and our director said that anyone who wasn't at rehearsal on Friday would not be able to sing on Sunday. Okay, no big deal. I kept telling myself that I need to rehearse my music for Sunday. Well I didn't until Sunday morning. I was running tardy for the praise and worship party but made it in time to march in. We were down quite a few choir members which meant that marching in wouldn't take that long. Our count from the day was 5 sopranos, 4 Altos (including yours truly), 1 (Guest) Tenors and 2 Basses.  Everything is going as scheduled. We are singing our new song and I'm thinking we're going to be done (it's not uncommon for us to do a one and done. This Sunday, however, was not a one and done Sunday). Then our director signals for our band to play one of our church favorites. Again, no big deal. Things didn't really get surreal until my director pointed at me, signaling me to sing the first solo! HUH!???? At first I felt completely picked on. Why the hell are you calling on me? What the hell is this about? This was not rehearsed nor was it previously discussed. While I'm feeling all these things (and a million others), I don't shake him off, I walk up to the mic, wondering what the hell this is going to sound like. As I'm walking to the mic, I did get a warm reception. I sang my little 6 or 8 lines and walked back to my spot in the Alto section. This was a pretty traumatizing situation for me. While I do pretty well in front of large groups, I definitely need prep time and a damn heads up. Sheesh! But I do remember feeling really picked on. But there were some good points from my First Solo. They are listed below.

Things that went well with my solo:
  1. I did it
  2. I didn't forget the words
  3. It appeared to be received well
  4. I felt okay after doing it
  5. I realized that I wasn't singing to appease the people at my church, I was singing to praise the Lord
  6. I didn't fall or otherwise embarrass myself. 
Things that that didn't go so well with my solo:
  1. My voice cracked because I was visibly nervous (rightfully so)
Now that I think about it, if that's all that went wrong with it, as far as I'm concerned, then my solo was really a success and I really am open to doing another. Just not on the impromptu like I did it before. 

(Why did it take me so long to finish this blog...because I've been fartin' around doing a million and six other things. Shame on me...but it's done now...on to the next one!)