Saturday, January 22, 2011

Friday's (01-21-11) Thankful/Grateful Moments

Well today was a little interesting. My two co-workers who keep me entertained at work were not there today, which made for a very quiet time at work. Speaking of work, let me begin my list: 

  1. Today, I am thankful that my boss told me that all the jobs were safe in my department at work. That is a sigh of relief from OE. 
  2. Today, I am thankful that I got to talk to my sister and my niece for over an hour. I do miss my sister and my niece, even though I know my sister is nuts. 
  3. Today, I was grateful to be able to hang out with one of my home girls that I hadn't hung out with since last year (like October/November). We went to go support my godsister who did an amazing job tonight. 
  4. Today, I'm thankful that I'm not caught up in some major drama. Point. Blank. Period. 
  5. Today (just like the days before), I am grateful to not be a member of the DDS and/or DMS. I found out the someone had stage four cancer, had a tumor removed, only to have it come back two years later. That could easily be me. And I'm thankful/grateful that it's not. 
Thank you Lord, for all you've done, you will do and are doing right now. 

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