Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Humpday Thankfulness (01-26-11)

Today was a good day. Let's get right to it: 

  1. Today, I'm grateful that my co-worker's husband brought me lunch. He didn't have to do it but I'm grateful that he did. It wasn't healthy but it was still good.
  2. Today, I'm thankful for technology. I was able to spend over an hour on Skype helping my niece write an essay. Even though, I was distracted by other things (Facebook) I feel good about being able to help her with an essay for college. I wasn't too preachy and I wasn't going to do it for her. I wanted her to understand what I was saying and make it stick for her. 
  3. Today, I'm thankful for truth, honesty and perspective. I have friends and family who don't hesitate to tell me when I'm right or when I am wrong. And I appreciate having my own perspective to distinguish between the two. 
  4. Today I'm grateful that I went to Bible Study tonight. I am growing and could have been growing if I just made some made more time and less excuses. 
  5. Today, like the previous days, I'm grateful to not be a member of the DDS and/or DMS. Today, I talked to my dad for a little while and let him know that I still loved him (I threw some reverse psychology on him, he was good for throwing guilt trips on me so I threw one on him). I talked to my mom about some things with my dad and then told my mom in a very loving way that she and my sister have effective communication challenges. I told her that I kinda understand it but the truth is you don't know how to talk to people. I still love you though...
Thank you Lord for all you continue to do for me and through me. 

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