Monday, February 15, 2010

I Was Just Wondering

If I told you how I felt, would you embrace it and embrace me because you're feelings were the same? 
If I told you that the mere thought of you brings a smile to my face and a little bit of warmth to my heart?
If I told you that the sight of you disgusts me on the inside, could you handle that?
If I told you that the bullshit you're going through is really your fault, would you blame me and get mad or would you own it and know that I was telling you the truth in love, not hate
If I told you that you need to step your game up so you can get on the next level, would you take that the right way or the wrong way
If I told you that our relationship was built on a lie, not a malicious one by one of convenience.
If I told you that I loved you, would you run away or would you stay to see what that REALLY meant.
If I asked you to let me go, so I can come back to you later, would you do it or would you just hold on to me til it was no more.
If I told you how I really felt at all time about you, about me, about us - would you run because it was too much or would you come closer because it wasn't enough. 
If sex was just sex, could you handle that and that the moments in the bed stay in the bed
If I told you that the sex was only worth it because it was with you and that's why I did it anyway, not because was good but because it was you.
If I choose you or you choose me or did we choose each other
If your silence was your way of saying I can't and I won't
If it's only one sided, one way
If your wife really knew about our past and what should have been if you had tapped into your potential
Why you lied about having a girl to someone who could have cared less in the first place
If your ignorance is bliss or your curse
Why you didn't do better when you clearly could have
If this blog is about him, her, them, us or me
I was just wondering if it was just me...

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