Sunday, February 21, 2010

Consider the Source

So there's a young man, and when I say young I mean he's not even 25 yet, who I was involved with for a little while has an interesting perspective on why he won't go to church. I've invited him to church a few times and each time he makes the joke that he can't afford the cover charge, referring to the offering. Last night as I was on my way somewhere, he started to express his feelings about the things that I've given up for Lent and the whole thing about Lent. Additionally, he mentioned how he equates church folk as being hypocritical, two faced and backstabbing. He talked about how the current church is so far from what Jesus preached and talked about, how so many bad things have been done world wide under religion, wars, slavery, etc.

Now I am not one to get in arguments about religion because I am not going to knock you for what you believe and not by place to judge you. The case of this young man is no different. While he makes valid points about some people who go to church and what they do in the church, I will not buy into his whole argument about the church as an institution and his feelings about church. And here's why: While there may be some truth to the quality of character of some people who attend church, I love my church family. We are flawed and imperfect. We have problems, scars, wounds and all types of issues. That being said, we also have each other. 

Today, one of my church members got up and testified about what she's going through, she's battling cancer. But she got up and testified about her faith and what's she's going through, just truly amazing. And then to see her get up with so much strength, to see so many people rally around her and her family, praying for her strength and the strength of her family, praying for healing. It was a truly powerful moment. In case you didn't know, I am in the choir at my church. No I am not a soloist, just a choir member. On Friday night at rehearsal, we decided to bring back an old song from our old church. The words are: Clean this house on the inside, Unlock all doors each room shall be open to You This house was build for Your dwelling Reign over this house, it's for You. 

God works in such amazing ways. We had no idea that Mrs. Brumfield was going to get up and give such a powerful testimony. We had rehearsed a few songs not knowing that we would only sing two. To me going to church is a lot more than the sideways talk and the foolishness. I do my best not to get involved, especially if it doesn't affect me directly. There were so many powerful things about my church and my church going experience, like today with Mrs. Brumfield and her testimony and the choir singing powerful and moving songs, outside of sickness it'll take a lot for me to stop going to church. Now I have been frustrated with certain things that are going on in some of the church like things going on in my choir with the soloists vs. the non soloists - the favorites vs. the choir members. But rather than give up on my choir, I will pray for them because I know that they are flawed just like I am. I know that they are going through things in their lives much like I am going through things in mine, but knowing that we are working together for a common goal, gives way to a little leeway. 

As for the youngsta and his opinions, he can keep them. He doesn't hold much weight as far as I'm concerned. He wavers on things, he's inconsistent, he's one of those people that he talks bad about. When I think of people and some of the things that they say to me, I really have to consider the source. If I don't respect you or believe anything that you say, why would I even bother to acknowledge or listen to anything you have to say. I'm not going to get into an argument with you. You have your feelings, your opinions based on your life experiences. I can't nor would I want to take that away from you. But you should also consider what you say and who you say it to. It may be a situation where you are just wasting your breath trying to sound intelligent when you are really ignorant. Before you open your mouth to "venture an opinion" ask yourself, if you are a credible source on the matter. If so, feel free to say what you want to, but if not - shut the hell up because you really don't know what you're talking about and you're really just wasting time. Time you could spend building your credibility.

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