Thursday, February 11, 2010

Feb. 11, 2010

I have a couple of friends who have pretty awesome blogs. Not just talking about what they are talking about, but the lay out and everything. is absolutely awesome. But then I think to myself " How do you have that much time to blog about so many things and still have a full time job? Maybe you don't have as many things on your plate but I just don't have the time like that. Or I'm not managing my time well. Same same.

So Col. Mustard shot himself in the foot and as they say in the Chi "He Gon'!" I love when people take themselves out of my life. It makes it easier on me. I don't really like cutting people off but if you say or do something so contradictory to what I believe you can get gone! 

James is feelin' himself. Good for him. 

Dud is on his way out of town, told him to have a safe trip. 

I love people and when I say that I mean that I really don't. People are absolutely amazing. Yesterday, people were completely up in arms about the John Mayer Playboy article. I thought it was interesting how people initially only posted part of his interview where he dropped the N word and talked about a few black women. In reading the whole article, I am not defending what he said. But I just don't understand the difference between him saying it in an interview (by the way that was really poor editing by the Playboy staff) and the average person saying in a conversation with their homies. 

*Footnote - it's better to have too much guac and not enough chips than not enough guac and too many chips*

My department head thinks that I have bronchitis, that sucks! But that would explain this lingering cough. 

I'm getting ready to head to a meeting on campus. My hope is that Anita breaks out in song. 


  1. Think about all the time you spend on Twitter and Facebook...some people use that time to work on their blog :)

    When I was working, I'd dedicate an hr in the morning to my blog; that was how I was able to write one blog a day. When people would comment, I'd wait until I had amassed several comments to respond through out the day.

    It works without you getting fired LOL

  2. People who post one blog a day, I can totally understand. Your blog is awesome, yet simple. These people who have "jobs" have these elaborate blogs with 15 and 20 postings a day. Really? I don't know...