Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Just Let It Go

I'm an emotional person. I try not to hold grudges. I really do mean to forgive people most of the time. The problem is when I associate the bad emotions associated with the person I'm trying to forgive. That may sound like a grudge but in my mind it's not. It's only the bad feelings that hold me back. If I spent more time remembering all the feelings, both good and bad, I would be able to let go and move on.

That's what a part of this journey is about, being able to move on and let go. My friends will tel you that I need some "F*ck it in me" or that I need a mean streak. There may be some truth to that. But today...I taken a big step. I decided that there was something going on that wasn't really worth being upset about and decided not to be upset anymore. My life wasn't over, I didn't suffer any serious trauma. I just had my feelings hurt and my ego bruised. Okay, it happens. Deal with it, let it go and move on...That's where I am. Just moving on....

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