Monday, May 24, 2010

Putting It Into Perspective

So tonight when I got home from work, I stopped by my parents' house as I normally do. I've been pissed with my mom recently about some things that she said and did as it related to my birthday.  Tonight she said something and it pissed me off so bad, I was gonna come home, blog and get it off my chest. I got distracted, watched some Star Wars, got to talking to Hank on Skype, basically, just didn't get to it. I get on Facebook not too long ago to check on my home girl who went into labor today. I had been picking on her, I wanted her to have the baby on Friday (my birthday) but she went in today (mind you she came to work today!). Earlier she posted that by the time she had gotten to the hospital she was already well on her way to delivering the baby. So when I checked on her again, she had had her son (Yay!), a little over 7 and 1/2 pounds, and born with down syndrome. I texted my co worker (a different one) about the latest edition to our expanding family. As we talked on the phone, the shock kind of just sank in. My home girl who had the baby posted this on her status : So we welcomed Valentin into the world at 5:56pm. He weighed in at 7lbs 10 ounces. However, GOD decided that I am strong enough to handle a child with Down Syndrome and I accept the challenge. I love my son more than words can express and am willing to do whatever it takes to make his life as easy as possible.

That is pretty deep,  that is powerful, that is love. It's also an opportunity for me to step back for a second. Think, reflect, pray and appreciate. I try not to hold grudges (I think I do pretty well in that department). I am disappointed in my mom right now, which is a tough thing to say. But my heart goes out to my co worker. Growing up in a household with a child with special needs, is a challenge and I can only imagine what it's like from a mother's perspective. I pray for patience, understanding and God's grace as she goes through this life with a new challenge and greater opportunities. 

Lord, in the name of Jesus, I come before you on behalf of PC. You have presented her with a great challenge, but I know that you are a great God and that you have already worked out this situation before the challenge was even presented. Lord, be with PC, her family and friends, as we try to help her as we can. Give us what we need to minister and help her with her situation. Bless baby Valentin as he grows in this new place and he feels the love surrounding him because he was loved before he was here. Lord, be with the siblings as they will have to adjust not only to a new baby in town, but one who will need a little more care and attention than the others. Grant the parents grace, patience and strength to trust in you through this transition. It's not gonna be easy Lord, but it is doable with You leading the way. Be with them and be with us. These blessings I ask in the name of Jesus, Amen.

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