Tuesday, May 11, 2010

My Sister and Her Bullshit

*I apologize in advance if the title and anything else said in this blog may be offensive to someone.*

So last week, I went to DC for a meeting on campus and I stayed with my sister which I usually do when I go to DC. This was a really quick trip so I didn't have the opportunity to hang out with my friends who live in the area. I got there Thursday Morning, had a meeting on campus all day Friday, went to see my grandmother in New Jersey on Saturday and came back Sunday night. As you can see by that schedule, not a lot of time to kick it with people. Anyway, Sunday morning, I leave my grandmother's house and head back to my sister's house. I get to my sister's housing at about 11:30am and have to wait for her to get out of church. Not a big deal, whatever. *Footnote - my sister sent me on a transport mission. Rather than come with me to get the stuff herself, I have to transport back a whole bunch of extra stuff for her.* Once she gets to the house, I tell her I have to go to the bathroom so hurry and let me in the house. I was in the bathroom for maybe 5 minutes and in those 5 minutes, my sister and my niece have taken all of the stuff out of the car that I brought back for them and left my shit in the car. If you're gonna take shit out of the car, just take it all out! Why the hell would you leave that shit in the car! Who does that! Anyway, so one of the things that I brought back from New Jersey was our bags of cosmetics and goodies. I had separated the bags before I left New Jersey and if you had waiting 2 extra minutes, would could have avoided some of the foolishness. *Footnote - as part of the transport mission, my sister had me bring her back 2 party tray pizzas but I ended up paying for one of them. The good ole, "I'll give you the money when you get back". Bitch stop lyin'! Yeah we're only talking about $20 but don't get beside yourself* So anyway, I get in the living room, my sister and my niece have damn near everything spread out so that she can pick and chose what she wants! Stop fucking with shit! Damn! 

Anyway, I sat down and was going through my bags and noticed that I came up on a MAC brush set! I knew I had some brushes but didn't realize that they were MAC (I am a MAC fiend). My sister was mad because everyone else's bag had MAC brushes but her's. I told her to take the ones out of her daughter's bag, since she doesn't really have any business wearing makeup let alone MAC (she's 16, but she's not taking care of her skin, which I tell her all the time). She was like whatever. So then, she called our Mom because I told her she couldn't have any brushes. Mind you my sister is a good 16 years older than me. Get your grown up on, sheesh! *Footnote - my mother was not pleased that my sister wanted to go through the bags and swap out her stuff. I feel like, don't get mad at me about something I had nothing to do with.* 

One of my sister's friends decides she wants to take her out for Mother's Day. Cool. Ya'll have fun. I finished packing and getting ready to head to the airport, said my goodbyes to my niece and nephew and peaced out. While I was on the road, I noticed that I left my bottle of rum on the table so I called my niece and asked her to put it in the freezer for me since I would be back in a couple of weeks. Me being my mother's daughter, I did get a little lost on my way to the airport, but I figured it out, no big. Got to the airport, got home, completed my transport mission (I also had to take my mom, mother's day cards and gifts from my sister who didn't take care of stuff before I got there) and went to bed. 

Fast forward to today (Tuesday May 11), I get an email from my sister this morning asking me about the 3 small pieces of paper (a receipt, the tag off my sweatshirt and my name tag) that I left in the living room. First of all, if it was that serious why would you send me an email? Plus the whole tone of the email was not a good look, so I just deleted it. I wasn't going to let her and whatever she had going on, get to me this morning. I have lots of work to do and I don't have mental energy for extra dumbness. So two hours later, the bootch sent me a follow up email saying, "I see you're online. Are you ignoring me?" Why yes I am ignoring you! You don't have shit better to do with your life than to harass me about THREE PIECES OF PAPER? Pick the shit up and let it go. It's not like I used 50 dishes and left them in the sink, it's THREE PIECES OF PAPER. Let that shit go! I am fairly certain that my sister will find a way to get my mother involved in this situation about THREE PIECES OF PAPER. And I will tell that lady to not get involved in petty disagreements with her two grown daughters! But because my sister is the oldest (I'm not so sure you can tell by this story), and she's spoiled (which I am sure you can tell by this story), there's going to be some words said and on my part a lot more ignoring. When I started writing this, I kept thinking, let that shit go, be on to the next...and then "On to the Next One" played on my YouTube. I love it. 



  1. I hate that she emailed you about three damn pieces of paper bwhahahhahahahaha

    she deserves a kick in the ass

  2. Wait...it gets worse. The chick called me on my cell, I didn't answer. Then she called me at WORK about 3 pieces of paper and a water bottle! C'mon son!