Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Change to Come

While I am thrilled beyond words that Barack Obama is now known as President Barack Obama, I recognize that there is a lot of work to be done. I applaud President Obama. He looked at a situation and decided that there needed to be a change. It's interesting that people look to our President to change and fix all the problems of our nation. That's not going to be the case.

I have friends who went to DC for the weekend. One of them almost got into a fight with someone at a diner who was wearing an Obama jacket. One of them was beaten and robbed at gunpoint while walking to the Metro. You would believe that people in DC who were in town for the inaugural would have been on better behavior. But that would imply that they were about change. Clearly not.

What people need to realize is that the change doesn't come from President Obama, the change comes from within. President Obama is an inspiration. He is truly remarkable but it doesn't come from him. The change that you and I need doesn't come from him. It comes from within us. He saw an opportunity for change and acted on it. There are opportunities for us to change someone in our lives, in our schools, in our communities everyday. Our change has come, not in the form of our President, but in the form of ourselves. Let's work, people!

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