Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Thankful for the Pain

As I begin type this, I have tears in my eyes, pain and hurt in my heart. But I thank God for the pain. I thank God for the tears that fill up my eyes and stream down my face. I'm thankful for the tears because I know that they will eventually stop. Tears aren't a sign of weakness, they are actually a sign of strength, an opportunity for cleansing, a healthy release. God sees by tears and will dry them. I thank God for the pain and hurt in my heart. I'm thankful for this because I know that it's temporary. To heal from hurt isn't to hurt, but to love. I know my heart and I know that despite the pain and hurt I feel in my heart, I know that my heart is capable, able and deserving of love. I know this because there is still love in my heart. God knows my heart and won't let pain or hurt dwell there too long. My heart like my tears are strong and like Leona Lewis says, "it'll all get better in time". This time and that time, I'm thankful. I'm thankful. I am thankful.

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