Monday, August 31, 2009

My Soul Revealed - Lesson #5 Standing in the Gap of Grace

More Soul revealing by yours truly...
Have you experienced being attacked at a critical point in your life?
I don't know if I can say that I've been attacked at a critical point. I know that I have been attacked different times in my life. Were they critical? Probably not. 
How did you feel during and after that experience?
I don't remember. I guess that means that it wasn't critical because I don't remember. 
Did you abandon your dream?
For some time after I left ESPN, I felt like I did abandon my dream. I felt like a failure.
What lesson did you learn about yourself?
It took some time to learn that, I wasn't a failure as a person, ESPN was a failure as an organization. The people who said they would help me, they failed. I took that personally for a long time. But eventually I have gotten better with it. Now at this point, I can say that I have the power to change lives and help mold better people. THAT is way more rewarding that "making good TV".
How much time do you spend working? Is it often during evenings, days off, weekends and holidays?
The question "how much time do you spending working?" is a very tricky one. It really depends on what you consider to be work. I'm always working on something. Doing something for church, working on this project for the Alumni, I am always doing stuff for other people. Doing things for family and friends, I don't really have much for myself, which creates a sense of resentment and me wanting to be more selfish. It's still not working. 
Who did you surround yourself with during tough times - cheerleaders or naysayers?
I don't have too many cheerleaders on my team. I'm working on recruiting some more. The naysayers in my life disguise themselves as cheerleaders but that's not who they are.
Were you able to focus on the light at the end of the tunnel? Or were you in a fog?
During most times of trouble and distress, things get very foggy for me. There have been a few times when I have been able to put my head down and get to the goal. But lately, things get really foggy for me. 
How do you think it prepared you for your next life crisis?
I don't know.
Give an example of leading under adversity.
Dealing with my father's illness, caused me to be thrown into a role of leadership. At times, my mother doesn't handle stress well, which puts the burden on me. It seems like more times than not, when my father gets sick, I am running point, regardless of what my mother believes. Having my father have to go to the hospital often means that I have to know what's going on with him and his medications. It's a challenge but it's also a task that I will pass on to one of the brothers who will have to step up in my absense. 
How can you eliminate chaos from your life?
The biggest way is to say no and to feel comfortable saying no. A lot of times I get caught up in other peoples drama (as if I don't have my own to deal with). I have to get used to and comfortable with saying no, ESPECIALLY if my sanity depends on it. 
Provide five ways in which you can seed optimism in your life.
  1. Use positive thoughts and affirmations daily.
  2. Surround yourself with more positive, optimistic people in your life.
  3. Believe that positive energy is within you, no matter what the negative circumstance is. 
  4. Look for the positives in all situations. 
  5. Pray, pray, pray! And know that God wants you to succeed and will give you the tools to do so.
Revelation Revealed:
Road blocks will not deter me and fear will not prevent me from living my life in God's grace in a perfect way.

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