Friday, May 29, 2009

Camille Harvey....on Friday Nights

It's interesting. I was putting together a quiz on Facebook (my not so secret addiction) and I put two questions on there which show a little bit about how I've changed in my "old" age. The questions talk about where you could find me on a Friday night. From 1999 to 2002, you could find me at someone's club (most likely at Republic Gardens - my FAVORITE night time spot of all time) with my drink and my two step. It was a great time. I have many, many fond memories of Republic. Just thinking about it right now brings a smile to my face, Republic was a great time out. My, my, my those were the days. The party was crackin' nothin' like the DC club scene.

Fast forward to 2005. I move back home, to the old stomping grounds. I must confess, the DC club scene is much better than the Bay Area Club scene - or at least what I've been exposed to. I don't really like going out in the City, some of the places that I liked going in Oakland either are shut down or just don't crack like they used to (or how I feel like they used to) - it's just not it. I'm sitting here thinking, trying to understand why. (that's my thing, trying to understand) I try to understand why things are so drastically different. I know that one of the reasons why thngs are so different is that I don't have the same kind of friends here at home as I did when I was in DC. But I don't know if that will change me from doing some things differently.

Instead of spending my Friday nights, drinking and dancing, I now, spend my Friday nights at choir rehearsal. And truth be told, it's a great time out. Tonight, Sweet Pea was rehearsing her solo for Sunday's service. She was in to it, the choir was in to it, Myles the drummer was into it - for a split second, I almost forgot that I was at church. Time and time again, I get to rehearsal and when we're not getting fussed at by our director, I have a great time. Even though I am not a songstress by any stretch of the imagination (I would say that I'm a better dancer than I am a singer), there is something so powerful that happens more times than not at choir rehearsal. It's better than any quick fix high that I get from the club. It is me and my service to the Lord, practicing my ministry weekly and having the Spirit move through me twice a week. It's a good feeling, and it's how I spend my Friday nights.

*Footnote - I want to be clear. Even though I spend the majority of my Friday nights at rehearsal - I still like to get my drink and my two step and I usually do if I don't have rehearsal or after rehearsal. Does that make me a hypocrite? Maybe, but that'll be for another blog at another time*


  1. On a Friday night where most people are out having their version of fun, I am blogging at home, playing with my laptop, watching Iron Man in the background. It's pretty fulfilling to me, a different type of fun. I guess this is what being 30 is about...

  2. are you asking if you are a hypocrite because you like to go out and party AND be in church at choir practice?

    ummm, no, that doesn't make you a hypocrite LOL

    now if you were being a self-righteous prick telling someone else they shouldn't be at the club, then yes, you'd be a hypocrite...serving the Lord doesn't mean you have to be holed up somewhere in a corner reading your bible every 5're allowed to have fun too :)

  3. I wasn't asking if I was a hypocrite. I know some people will have words about what I do and that's fine. But definitely not a self righteous prick either way...LOL

  4. Well, when you wrote this, it sounded like you were asking LOL

    "Does that make me a hypocrite? Maybe, but that'll be for another blog at another time*"