Sunday, August 26, 2012

I Had A Moment

I took a self imposed time out if you will from most of my social networks. Last week at church, the preacher preached about the power of words and how the heart actually controls the tongue. I've used the last four days to shift my focus a little bit and read my bible a little bit more. See, I start my day reading my two Bible devotionals but for the most part that would be where it ends. Soon after, I'd jump on my social networking sites and go on with my day. The challenge with being overwhelmed with the good and the bad of Facebook and Twitter is that it would cloud my mind. So I decided take a break. When the moments would come up and I would want to hop on Facebook and Twitter, I would open up YouVersion instead and read some of the Bible.

Last night and this morning, I did some extra reading in addition to my devotionals and the Word talked about getting on your knees and praying. I've gotten better about praying more often. But at times, I'd ask myself if God was really hearing my prayers. I read something about actually getting on my knees and actually praying. I wondered if that was really the key to a true connection with God.

Then, today at church my pastor talked about what to do when you feel like you're in your own darkness. The three keys were to get on your knees and pray, look up (because if you're looking up, you can get up) and finally Praise God no matter what. God will give you a song to sing, even in your darkness. Then it hit me. Lawd, I just need to get on my knees, pray and keep singing.

Today, I had a moment and I an relieved about it.

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