Thursday, January 28, 2010

Random Ramblings on 1/28/2010

  • I think I have adult ADHD at times
  • I have classmates who are working on having their 4th baby and I still haven't had one. Is there something wrong with that picture?
  • Maybe confessing your feelings to someone via email isn't a good look. 
  • I am guilty of Facebook Stalking
  • I wonder how long it's gonna take me to finish this post.
  • I had a thought when I went upstairs, but damn it it's gone!
  • How many times do you rub your deodorant under each arm? How much is too much?
  • I think I'ma stop giving out advice for free
  • I think she's gonna make "it". I don't want to hate but she's really pissed me off.
  • Why did I dream that I ran into the whole cast of NCIS when I was checking out of my hotel in Vegas and Michael Weatherly (Anthony DiNozzo) offered to pay for my room?
  • How do you get mad that someone didn't talk to you but when they tried you didn't have time for them?
  • Is it bad when your clueless boss is trying to hook you up with someone?
I think I'm done for the moment. But this maybe a reoccurring item...stay tuned.

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